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William 'Billy' Comtois

  Principal Broker 
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Billy Comtois, our Principal Broker, has worked with people from all over the world to achieve their dream of home ownership, guiding his Clients to make the right investment choice while purchasing, selling, and in renting their Vacation or Investment home or property.

It is the success in placing his Clients first that has brought him many friends across the globe; Canada, Israel, China, Brazil, Sweden, France, Equador, Columbia, Cuba, United Kingdom, Scotland, and Germany – to name a few.

His passion for helping others has always been his main focus and his vision has not only enriched us as Realtors, but also as individuals – it’s his vision that inspires and leads us higher so we can better ourselves as Professionals. It is about going above and beyond, doing whatever it takes to keep us always focused on what matters the most- the success of our Clients! This empathy he has towards others is part of our inspiration as a Company, and why we believe we can really make a difference.

Feel free to contact Billy directly at 239-464-5029, he'd love to hear from you!!