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The search for and offer on the house of your choice is certainly the fun part about buying a home. But keeping a level head is essential. Having a clear understanding of the process is fundamentally important, especially for those making the biggest investment of their lives.


We like to ask lots of questions, especially in our first meeting, so we really GET what it is you are looking for.  

I need a Realtor to help me find a house- how much is the commission?
For the most part, Buyers don't actually pay the real estate commissions.  Instead, the total commission is pre-determined by the Seller and their Listing Broker (Seller's Agent, Listing Agent) before the property even hits the market.  A portion of that commission is noted in the MLS to be given to the Buyers Agent, as compensation for taking care of the Buyer.  It's pretty brilliant because, this way, your Agents' commission isn't part of the negotiations- keeping their focus completely on your wallet instead of their own.
Rare exceptions might be if you wanted to buy a house that is being sold by the Owner (For Sale By Owner or FSBO), and who is not willing to pay a commission to the Buyers Agent.  If this happens, we will work out agreement for commission that suits your budget.  

If the Seller is paying my Agent, doesn't that mean they working for them??
Nope. Florida Law and the Realtor Code of Ethics ensure that your licensed real estate Agent (aka, Realtor) works in your best interests alone. But more importantly, your was hired by RealtyLogic because of their moral character (among other things).  Our simple logic is that Buyers need to work with professionals that they can TRUST, who will spot potential risks, and help them make a tough decisions, even if it means pulling out of a deal that will cost them a paycheck, but would have hurt you in the long run.  It isn't about one commission, it's about the relationship and being true to the promise we made to protect you.  RealtyLogic Realtors will be your strongest advocate and be there to advise you throughout the buying process.  

Why do I need an Agent if I am buying a FSBO (For Sale by Owner) property?
Helping Buyers to locate the right property is only a small part of what a Realtor does for their Buyers.  Negotiations can be an emotional process, even for an experienced Buyer, and having a seasoned professional to do the negotiations can keep the deal from going south.  

Primary, Secondary, or Investing? 
If you will be living in this home for more than 180 days out of the year, then it may be considered a primary residence, less than that means it’s your second home. Investment properties are intended for Rent or Flip. Got it? Great!

If you do intend to rent then we can help with that too! We’ll determine what you need to get out of it financially (Return on Investment), before you even make the offer.
Keep in mind that our team of Realtors are well trained and able to draw on some serious full-time practice within the local real estate market, and will be able to offer advice as you begin the search.

There's so much to talk about!!  Call us, or you can email us at Info@RealtyLogic.net